CFCU Exclusive Performance

Join us on 4/29 at 3pm for a performance of 'Emmett & Ella: The Puppy Plot'... just for CFCU Members!

Join us at the Kitchen Theatre for a fantastic performance, giveaways, a chance to meet the actors (and get their autograph), and more! This performance is exclusive to CFCU members only.

Tickets are limited in number, so act fast! Fill out the form below, or call (607)272-0570 to request your free tickets from the Kitchen Theatre.

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On April 29th, 2018 the Kitchen Theatre will have an exclusive performance of 'Emmett & Ella: The Puppy Plot' just for CFCU members!

Each household must include a member of CFCU Community Credit Union to be eligible for tickets. 4 tickets maximum per family.

Seats are limited, and we plan to pack the house, so act quickly!

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About the Show

The Puppy Plot – What’s it all about?

They’re back! Those loveable, unpredictable canines you met in Emmett & Ella’s Big Apple Escapade are in for a new adventure in Emmett & Ella: The Puppy Plot. Here’s the scoop. It’s summertime. Louella, Emmett and Ella’s enthusiastic and out-going human, is planning a big talent show to raise funds for a new animal shelter. She is over-the-top involved in making this the greatest event her town has ever seen. She’s also agreed to host her grandniece and grandnephew, Sierra and Adam, for a whole month. Canines Emmett and Ella can’t wait. They remember Sierra and Adam’s last visit three years earlier as the greatest time in their entire doggie lives! But when Sierra and Adam arrive, it is clear from their first hello that they are not the happy kids Emmett and Ella remember. What’s going on? Emmett and Ella race to consult with their doggie pal Rags about what they can do to make Sierra and Adam happier. But when they find Rags, they discover he has his own set of challenges: Rags has just found two abandoned puppies. Two unhappy kids, two abandoned puppies! These are the ingredients that set in motion The Puppy Plot. Will Emmett and Ella find a way to help Sierra and Adam have a better summer? Is there a forever home for the two puppies? And, will Louella’s determination result in the “best talent show, and the best animal shelter ever?” You’ll have come see the show to find out!

The cast of six includes Benno Ressa, reprising his role as lovable hound dog Emmett. Natasha Bratkovski, who appeared in Fitz&Startz Production’s The Mystery of the Magic Flute, plays Ella, a sweet retriever. Mike Cyr, who appeared in several past Lampert/Greene collaborations including A December Suite, joins Fitz&Startz in the role of Louella. Veteran Fitz&Startz actors Jewell Payne and Ithaca College freshman Christian Henry play Sierra and Adam, respectively. And, new to Fitz&Startz is Ithaca College sophomore Adrian Amador, playing Rags. Rachel Lampert (playwright, lyricist, director), Lesley Greene (composer), Travis Knapp (music director), Hannah Kochman (costume design), Scott Hitz (puppet consultant) Loren Roth (stage manager) and Will Gfeller (assistant director) are the creative team behind this play for all ages. Building on their history of creating and producing musicals and plays for audiences of all ages, Fitz&Startz Productions, co-founded by Rachel Lampert and Lesley Greene, continues to develop theatrical experiences that entertain, educate and inspire. “It’s been so much fun watch and hear Lesley’s brand-new score come to life. We have a terrific cast of talented singers who are making the most of her beautiful and bouncy tunes”, says Rachel Lampert. “And it’s a great story!” adds Lesley Greene. “And on top of all that, we’ve added some puppetry to this production, making it even more delightful for us and the audience. Who can resist a puppy puppet?” Sponsorship support for Kitchen Theatre Company’s presentation of Theatre for All Ages comes from CFCU Community Credit Union and Agava Restaurant.