Business Savings

Attractive dividends and less fees.

This account represents your membership at CFCU. All we ask is that you maintain a minimum of $5 in it, and we'll provide you with a variety of electronic services, access to our amazing deposit and loan product lines, and a voice in one of the most impactful not-for-profit financial institutions in the country. Our Business Savings Account even pays dividends with only a $100 daily balance average!

Contact us today. It's a smart business decision!


  • No monthly service fees.
  • Low $5 minimum balance requirement.
  • Dividends paid with only $100 in the account.
  • Free access to online services including Digital Banking, and the popular CFCU Spending Tool.
  • Freedom to create sub-savings accounts to help you save.
  • Peace of mind with NCUA insurance coverage to at least $250,000.


Table data for Business Savings Account Rates
 Rates as of 9/1/2022
Daily Balance Annual Percentage Yield (APY)1 Alert Me
Minimum $100 to earn APY 0.05% Receive a notification when this rate changes
  • 1Compounded Monthly

Direct Deposit

Setting up your Direct Deposit:

Why wait for your funds to become accessible when you can set up Direct Deposit and access them quicker? Head to your Human Resources / Payroll Department today and give them our Routing Number (221381540) and your MICR number at CFCU. This convenience can also be set up with Retirement Checks, Social Security, and other Federally recurring payments.

  • What is a MICR number and how do I find it?

    The MICR number appears at the bottom edge of a check. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. The ink is read electronically by a machine for security and record-keeping purposes.

    Personal Check

    Business Check

Any questions about how to set up Direct Deposit for your particular situation? We're here to help in person or on the phone.

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Suspected Fraud/Lost/Stolen Credit Card

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CFCU will never contact a member electronically to obtain personal information. If you receive this type of communication, please contact us immediately to report.