Other Loan Types

Many other options are at your disposal.

Secured Loan

Share Secured Loans

You may choose to secure a loan with funds you have on deposit in your Credit Union savings account or certificate. When you use shares to secure your loan, your savings continue to earn dividends at the current rate, and you benefit from our lowest loan finance rate.

Line of Credit

Revolving Line of Credit

For signature loans, we offer a convenient loan program that permits you to make one application to establish a line of credit, then borrow against that line as needed. You make regular monthly or biweekly payments based on the balance, and as your principal payment amount is paid down, you may again borrow up to your personal line of credit without making another application. Credit updates are required every three years.

Share Draft Loan Protection

Share Draft Loan Protection 

If you occasionally need extra cash for an emergency or a special purchase, you can apply for share draft loan protection. This coverage allows you to write a share draft (check) for the amount you need (up to a pre-approved limit); any amount over your current balance automatically becomes a loan. It's a fast and convenient way to write yourself a loan. To find out more or to apply, stop by any of our convenient locations!

If you would like to pursue any of these loan types further, simply contact us!