The Benefits of Credit Union Membership

A tradition of people helping each other to help themselves, the credit union movement is a 150-year old international phenomenon. Guided by principles of democracy and cooperation, credit unions are rooted in a history of serving working people, helping them achieve goals and realize dreams. Essentially, credit unions are financial cooperatives, wholly and equally owned by members who share their financial resources, thus maintaining a borrowing and lending pool for themselves. Put simply, there's strength in numbers. At CFCU, that strength translates into financial advantages:

Time after time, studies show that credit unions, on average, offer the lowest rates on loans and fees, and the highest rates on savings. This is true because of our not-for-profit status, hard-working volunteers and lower operating costs. Compare for yourself and you'll see that more often than not CFCU can give you the most for your money.

Quality Individual Service
Personalized service is given to each member regardless of their income or the size of their account. Consumer surveys show that services at credit unions get higher ratings than do those at banks, S&Ls, or other financial institutions driven by profit. At CFCU, our staff takes great pride in the high level of performance they deliver day in and day out.

Safe Haven
CFCU provides a safe place for your hard-earned savings. Depositors are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, which holds one of the strongest federal deposit insurance funds in existence.

Make CFCU Your Primary Financial Institution

Every year, thousands of new members join CFCU and, in the process, become part owners of a dynamic, democratically controlled financial institution. We welcome you aboard and hope you'll take advantage of our full range of services.

Anyone who lives, works or attends school in Tompkins or Cortland Counties, as well as any business or organization located in Tompkins or Cortland Counties, is eligible to join CFCU. In each instance where a person is eligible for membership, his or her spouse, and their lineal ancestors and descendants, including persons related by adoption, are also eligible for membership. Join CFCU now! We can help you switch your accounts from your other financial institution…it’s easy! Click here for your Quick Switch.

CFCU Membership Accounts Offered