Scholarships & Awards

CFCU proudly continues its support of local area students striving to better themselves and our local communities. This year, we awarded over $40,000 in Scholarships and Awards to high school graduates!

Your success is our passion!

2020 Recipients

Community Service Award

Tyler Abbott - Southern Cayuga Central School                

"He always has a pleasant attitude and never leaves without making a difference in the people that he either just met or those he has known. he is continually on track for self-improvement and desires to be great at everything he does." 

- Patrick Sullivan, Supervisor at Long Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Paige Euson - Marathon High School

"Paige is a dedicated young woman who gives 150% to her endeavors." 

- Mary Anne Diaz, Sunday School Teacher 

Richard V.V. Stringham Scholarship

Kathryn Aumick - Cortland Jr./Sr. High School

"She is a phenomenal musician, students, and citizen but do not let her modesty fool you. She is a young woman of remarkable talent and ability." 

- Kimberly M. Sanderson, Director of Senior High Bands

Samantha Benzel - Cattaraugus Little-Valley High School

"She has an outgoing personality and maintains a positive attitude in all tasks and responsibilities." 

- Heather A. Metzger, Math Teacher 

Kaley Driscoll - Southern Cayuga Central School

"Kaley possesses the work ethic, attitude, and character of a leader." 

- Elishia Hoatland, English Teacher

Gwenyth Gisler - Lansing High School   

"She truly understands how to look beyond herself and to work for the greater good." 

- Isis Ivery, Social Studies Teacher 

Morgan Haaf - Ithaca High School                                                                    

"I've recognized that there is an authenticity, ease, and warmth about Morgan that radiates wherever she goes."

- Kristin Zaryski, Director of Vocal/Choral Music

Pearl Hettich - Cortland Jr./Sr. High School   

"Pearl is a very conscientious student who exhibits great leadership qualities, excellent communication and teamwork skills, as well as a great amount of determination." 

- Kimberly M. Sanderson, Director of Senior High Bands 

Sidonie Lazarus - Ithaca High School                                                              

"She is an invaluable resource and always seems eager for new challenges to conquer." 

- Matthew Fellman, Physics Teacher      

Cameron Lemberg - Ithaca High School

"This young lady has high expectations for herself, and she rises to those expectations with grace and poise." 

- Elizabeth Campbell, ELA Teacher

Matthew Luby - Newfield High School                                                             

"He has exceptional vision that belies his age. He knows what he wants and what it will take to get there." 

- Richard Ketcham, Technology Teacher

Margaret McCurdy - Charles O. Dickerson High School

"Maggie takes every opportunity to apply her learning outside the four walls of the classroom; she learns with voracity and intent." 

- Jane K. George, English Teacher  

Caelan Murphy - Dryden High School

"Caelan is an intelligent and hard-working young lady whos character and motivation far surpass others her age." 

- Erica L. During, English Teacher

Suong Nguyen - Ithaca High School

"With her warm, gentle personality, everyone around her wants to meet the high expectations that she has for herself." 

- Janet L. Bowman, French Teacher

Lauren Reeves - Groton Jr./Sr. High School                                                    

"Her level of commitment and ability to take on a challenge is extraordinary."

- Michele L. Kline, Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor  

Averie Roberts - Groton Jr./Sr. High School

"Everything she does is in service to bettering herself and her community." 

- Jordan Campo, School Counselor

Jacob Schmitt - Southern Cayuga Central School

"Jacob possesses the character of a leader, critical thinker and problem solver in and out of academics." 

- Halee Wasson, Agriculture Sciences Teacher 

Cora Smith - Waverly High School  

"I am impressed by her exemplary self-advocacy skills, interpersonal skills and academic success. She sets challenging goals for herself that she works vigorously to achieve them." 

- Lindsay Neubauer, School Counselor 

Evelyn VanNess - Charles O. Dickerson High School   

"She is talented in so many areas, her contributions to our district and community are unprecedented." 

- Jane K. George, English Teacher

Previous Recipients


Richard V.V. Stringham Scholarships:

Adam Brown - Homer High School
Asha Duhan - Ithaca High School
Lauren Fish - Lansing High School
Benjamin Haefner - Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg
Saige Jackson - New Roots Charter School
Sarah Karnes - Ithaca High School
Catherine Kopp - Southern Cayuga Central School
Alison Lantry - Sandy Creek High School
Janice Lee - Ithaca High School
Desirae Livermore - McGraw High School
Anthony Pawlewicz - Newfield High School
Irena Rosenberg - Ithaca High School
Alexander Ryan - Cortland High School
Tony Yang - Ithaca High School
Elyssa Yonta - Cortland High SchoolSaige Jackson - New Roots Charter School

Community Service Awards:

Conner Bennett - Southern Cayuga Central School
Catherine Kopp - Southern Cayuga Central School
Anna Lewis - Lansing High School
Menelik Weatherspoon - Ithaca High School


Richard V.V. Stringham Scholarships:

Cynthia Chen - Ithaca High School
Reed Cleland - Homer High School
Rachel Coombs - McGraw High School
Jon Frederick - Cortland High School
Natalie Gier - Cortland High School
Brooke Henderson - Ithaca High School
Garam "Popo" Hong - Ithaca High School
Jordan Lu - Ithaca High School
Auburn Noce - Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg)
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Rayle - Ithaca High School
Caleb Richards - Home Schooled
Jamie Sayre - Spencer Van-Etten High School
Alyssa Thompson - Groton High School
Caleb Wilder - Lansing High School

Community Service Awards:

Mackenzie Perkins - Groton High School
Natalie Thomas - Marathon Central School


Richard V.V. Stringham Scholarships:

Jaedyn Allen – Groton High School
Katelyn Artibee - Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg)
Bronwyn Galloway – Ithaca High School
Katherine Heath – Newfield High School
Sarah Jeon – Ithaca High School
Olivia Longhouse – Lansing High School 
Maybeck McCann – Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg)
Madelynne Newton – Cincinnatus High School
Tenzin Seldoen Oshoe – Ithaca High School
Sidney Reeves – Groton High School
Emily Sine – Ithaca High School
Anna Sutherland – Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg)
Gavin Tabel – Cortland High School
Cameron Vanselow – South Seneca High School

Community Service Awards:

Mallorie Conroy – Charles O. Dickerson High School (Trumansburg)
Noah Kilmer – Homer High School

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