Set-up Account Alerts

Be proactive with your financial management and utilize Alerts on your accounts.

Alert Types

Balance Alerts

  • Low or high balance alerts 
  • Daily balances delivered at a time that's convenient for you

Account  Alerts

  • Loan payment reminders
  • Certificate maturity notices

Event Based Alerts 

  • Know when a deposit occurs, a check posts and more
  • Receive alerts when you receive a new secure message

Set-up Directions

Set-up and Manage your Alerts*

  1. Log in to your CFCU Digital Banking
  2. Select 'Profile'
  3. Alerts:
    • Add a new alert: In the Add/Edit New Alert Tile select a category and click add subscription
    • Edit existing alerts: In the Current Alerts Tile click the pencil icon next the alert you wish to edit


Enroll Your Preferred Mobile Number to Enable Text Alerts

  1. Log in to your CFCU Digital Banking
  2. Select 'Profile' then 'Profile Updates'
  3. Select 'Text Banking' and 'Register Phone Number'


*additional information can be found by clicking the (?) icon on the alerts screen within your Digital Banking.